The Basement – Part III

“I don’t understand what we did” Andie’s eye searched the rugged features of his face. Surely they had to be familiar to her? But as he stood there, hands casually tucked into the pockets of his jeans, he could be anyone she’d passed on the street.   Andie brought her eyes to meet his dark vengeful stare. […]

The Basement – Part II

Their murders permanently stained Andie’s memory like the blood on her white linen slacks. A scream as fresh as the day her parents died snapped Andie back into the present and the cold basement. The dark concrete floor was still empty and still silent. There’s no one here!   Andie took another step down the stairs and something […]

The Basement – Part I

 With one hand upon the door, Andie pushed open the entrance. Below her, the basement loomed. Cold and musty.   Echoing inside her mind the click of the light switching off echoed from five years ago. But the light was on. Why is the light on? Who’s been down here? Who’s down here now?   Tense fingers tightened around the […]