I don't normally recommend reading a whole series, but this is one I thoroughly enjoyed. If Ms. Cawood isn't a best seller, after this amazing series, I am going to begin there is something wrong with the reading world. If you loved this book, and it's previous books in the series also, I urge you to leave a review! Ms. Cawood's style of writing is amazing, the subject matter is spousal abuse, but told with such style and flair it won't make you cringe, I promise!

behind closed doors - Book three



Darryl Hawthorne

Before my sister died she asked me to do seven simple things. Unfortunately, I’ve failed to make even one of her wishes come true. So, what makes my psychiatry patient, a critically acclaimed actress, think I can help her when in crisis?

Sure, that’s my job. But she wants to expose a decorated police detective as an abusive husband. She wants me to join her covert operation to convince his wife she’s being abused. She wants… actually, I don’t know what she wants, and I don’t trust it.

But I do recognise terror, desperation and someone living life on the edge. My sister lived it as she tried to escape her husband. I lived it every time she went months without contact and I never knew if she was dead or alive. So, what makes me think I can help a stranger, when I couldn’t help my sister?

After all, I am evil. I was raised by a man capable of violence, severe mental anguish and murder. Deep down, I’m just like him. I can lie. I can deceive. I do lash out. I don’t trust myself, especially not with someone as precious as Julia Swift.

Don’t believe me? Just ask my ex-wife.



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