[Cawood] knocks it out of the park, again, with Enticing Elle! Elle and Adam are so d*mn perfectly imperfect they sear through the ink right into your heart...

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Enticing Elle

forgive or forget: love in leeds

Can you keep a secret? Perhaps two? What about three?

Secret #1 – My name isn’t really Elle. It’s Isabelle. And no one knows I’m the elusive heiress of a multi-million-pound fortune. I’ve been left heartbroken twice because of who I am, and I’m determined not let it happen a third time.

Secret #2 – For years, I’ve laughed at the glamorous women falling at Adam Lacey’s feet. My boss doesn’t do commitment. In fact, his girlfriends have a six weeks shelf life and he’s guaranteed to break their quick-to-fall hearts. So, how did I end up in a toe-curling lip-lock with him on Valentine’s Day?

Secret #3 – As my boss, he’s not supposed to get romantically involved with me. But one kiss leads to two… then three and then its more than kisses. So we can’t tell anyone about what’s happening between us.

The problem? This irresistible ladies’ man believes love is a leap of faith. He’s a closet romantic, a shoulder to cry on, and the voice of reason in times of crisis. He’s good for me in ways I never thought possible and yet, so very dangerous to the shell around my heart.

Falling for Mr Six Weeks was never the plan. But now I have, do I tell him who I am?

Meet Elle


Thirty-something, single, and perfectly happy about it. Elle doesn’t need a man to complete her. In fact, she’s determined never to rely on another guy ever again. She’s super efficient, incredible at her job, and dedicated to helping her daughter achieve her dreams. She has everything she could ever want. Until that unexpected lip-lock with Adam makes her realise what she’s missing. 

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Two people who have known each other a long time as co-workers, suddenly find themselves seriously attracted to one another. This is not necessarily a happy event! There's secrets and lies and all sort of messy life things interfering with a happily-ever-after! Really interesting characterizations! This is a engaging, feel-good read.
Emotional and powerful book that keeps you reading until the end. This is such a great book with a complicated story between all the amazing characters. Loved the chemistry between Adam and Elle.


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Erin Cawood & Kiara Cawood are the pen names for fiction written by Carrie-Anne Wood.

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