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Resisting Rory

forgive or forget: the coles

Two broken hearts, a bottle of gin, and a jar of chocolate is a dangerous combination.

Enduring his parents’ Christmas party is the last thing Dylan Cole wants to do when his life imploded just a few hours ago. Gin is the only way to get through tonight, and the next eight days, before he’s forced out of his home and his kids’ lives. That is, if they’re actually his. Unable to take it any longer, he slips out the back and up to the derelict Windmill at the top of the hill. Only to discover he’s not the only person hiding up there or nursing a broken heart. Aurora Thornton, his brother’s now ex-girlfriend, is just as drunk, just as angry, and just as intent on self-destruction. 

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forgive or forget: love in leeds

Enticing Elle

The feel-good, friends-to-lovers, contemporary romance, taking readers by surprise.

Forgive or forget: the mcgowans

Deserving Darcy

The breath-taking, enemies to lovers romance about redemption and second chances.

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Erin Cawood & Kiara Cawood are the pen names for fiction written by Carrie-Anne Wood.

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