About the Author

C.A. Wood is a commercial fiction author, with a taste for dramatic storylines and a passion for strong lead characters. 

She writes both psychological thrillers and domestic suspense, under the pen name of Erin Cawood. And, contemporary romance under the pen name of Kiara Cawood.

She loves characters to really get behind and cheering on to the very end. Her focus? Taking romance into the darker, edgier side of contemporary fiction.

Meet the author

Firstly I’d like to thank you for taking the time taking a few more moments to find out a little more about me.

I’ve always been a writer, my first stories go back to when I was in school. So… I was five or six, maybe? By fourteen years old I knew I wanted to be an author. But it was another ten years before I purposefully sat down to write a novel. The novel I was going to publish.

So what can I tell you about me?  I’m a romantic at heart. I’ve been reading and writing romance since my early teens, and the discovery of chick-lit in my early twenties brought its own special twist on my writing style. I love a lead character who you can really get behind and cheer on every step of the way. Thus, I end up sliding around, sometimes into the darker, edgier side of romantic fiction, and taking the path less willingly followed.

As for me, I live in Leeds, UK, with my long-suffering partner of twenty years. I say long-suffering for he puts up with my endless hours of sitting at a computer screen writing, or with me enjoying one of the best Christmas presents he’s ever bought me: a karaoke machine!

More about me

I’ve done a wide variety of things in my life. Before I returned to education, I’d worked at a fairground, a convenience store, and a public house/restaurant both in the kitchen and waitressing. I’d also spent eight years as an insurance agent, before going into telemarketing in the healthcare industry.

I love all things digital and whilst working as a sales agent in healthcare, I studied a BA(Hons) in Digital Media. Since, I’ve worked for one of the largest supermarket brands in the UK as a web developer, before moving into project management, and I am now a digital marketing manager for one of the largest construction companies in the UK. 

My perfect holiday involves some kind of adventure, and I’ve had the best experience ever swimming with dolphins in Mexico! I’ve climbed Mayan pyramids, been near the top of a volcano (thankfully dormant) in Tenerife, and taken a Jeep safari through the Dominican mountains. Awesome! I’ve also driven along some death-defying mountains on the Greek Island of Corfu. Spent weekends discovering. Amsterdam, and Prague.  And more recently, my partner and I enjoyed an epic coast to coast trip across Costa Rica.  And of course, you can’t beat a relaxing staycation here in England. I love being hidden away in log cabin in a forest somewhere. 

Check out my blog to find out more about my adventures!

My favourite places to visit

Inside my writing space

My Books

The best thing about being an author is that I get to have some great adventures without even leaving my home, and I’ve never been happier than I am with all these characters invading my life. They have wonderful stories to tell, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Don’t forget to check out the deleted scenes, sneak peeks, free reads, and works in progress over on my blog!


Blurred lines



To Live Without



Crossing Lines



Erin Cawood & Kiara Cawood are the pen names for fiction written by Carrie-Anne Wood.

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