First Chapter Friday: Blurred Lines

Chapter One May 2002   Do you see the scene playing out at the end of the table? It’s like a sappy love story. My older brother, Sean, is reluctant to let his best friend go. She’s my roommate too, and she all but flutters her lashes over her beautiful green eyes as she leans […]

Ask Faith: Why Would You Stay

 I love my husband. You have to understand the man who hurts me is not the man I married. He’s not the man who looks upon me like I’m the rarest and most precious of gemstones in the entire world and he is the poorest of men who has stumbled up me. He is not the man who asked me to promise I’d never walk […]

Ask Faith: What Brings You Joy

My family. I have four wonderful children. I’m so proud of Georgia, she’s doing so well at college. I love to see her with her father. The way she flies into his arms on a return home from school. And Caleb, whatever divine intervention spurred him on to his chosen path, he is flying towards the […]

Why Can’t You Write A Novel?

I wrote this post a few days after I finished the 1st draft of my 1st ever novel, Life’s A Ball? I’ve written 4 other novels in the last 28 months before my life was taken over by Valentina Secrets in at the beginning of the year. I’ve grown as both a writer and a reader. But I thought […]

Why Do I Free Write

I love to free write. Honestly, I should do it more often.When my characters won’t “talk” to me, or when perfectly good scenes aren’t making sense, or when I’m just not feeling that novel anymore, I know the worse thing I can do is force it. So I take my notebook and a pen and I […]

Sneak Peek Inside: Blurred Lines

Late Friday night my now official fiancé brought a courier parcel through to the bedroom and dropped it on the bed. It’s a large parcel, it’s heavy and it’s the third one I’ve received this week. I have no idea what it is. The bizarre thing is I’ve had Mom on the phone this week. She’s acting […]

Deleted Scene: Crossing Lines

“Welcome to my world” Sean sighed raising his bottle to toast the evening. It wasn’t a very happy cheer. Not for the first time that evening, Darryl got the impression Sean really wasn’t all that happy with his life in LA. He knew Sean had moved out here after his life in New York went […]

Why Did I Choose to Write About Domestic Abuse?

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by the very lovely Deb Nam-Krane over at Written By Deb. The interview focused on my debut novel Tainted Love, wherein Faith McKenzie is the wife of wealthy psychiatrist, Calvin. Over twenty-five years their relationship is tested with unexpected pregnancies, tragedies, successful business empires, and of course the everyday challenges found in any family. The more strain faced by Faith and Calvin the more their marriage decays into Calvin’s […]

Deleted Scene: Tainted Love

You were fifteen the first time you asked about Mom and Dad.  When you were little, sometimes I’d tell you about them instead of reading you bedtime stories. I’d tell you about everyone. Our parents, our grandparents, about the uncle we had who died when you weren’t old enough to understand what drugs were. I […]

First Kiss Friday: All Night Long

“CANUK Flight C U K zero six one L to Victoria, will all passengers proceed to gate thirty six”A swell of sadness pooled inside Chrissie’s stomach. He had to leave and go back to that horrible mess waiting for him. She headed towards the sofa where Miles was hiding at the back of the store.Everything […]

Sneak Peek at NaNoWriMo 2009

“Hey, Gee!” His voice sent shivers along Gabrielle’s spine. She hadn’t realised Kyle was still there. But he leaned over the railings of the ballroom’s upper tier and set her skin alight with his voice again. “Have you got a few minutes?” It took everything she had to shrug him off with an absentminded wave […]

Original Scene: Enticing Elle

When I first wrote Enticing Elle, I wrote the book in 3rd person point of view. About 18 months before it was published, I rewrote it in 1st person point of view.

5 books that have changed my life (+1 bonus book)

I have made many great books in my life, but these are the books which have had a lasting effect on me as person and a writer. Baby Come Back by Erica Spindler This is the very first adult romance novel I read. I was about to turn fourteen and remember being swept away in […]

Sneak Peek Inside: Tainted Love

Cal was as white as one of the sheets of paper still floating in the air. He was probably more stunned than I was. I couldn’t quite fathom what had just happened. He turned. I stepped. But how did his hand end up on my face? This just wasn’t possible. He just wouldn’t do that! […]

A Little Barrel on Legs

  I don’t often get the time to sit down and write a post these days. I’m usually so busy writing, reading, working, studying that I don’t get time to let you all in on my deepest thoughts.Today is different. Today, I wanted to share with you my lovely little puddy tat. Sasha.  I took […]

Tainted Love is a finalist!

I don’t post on a weekend very often. But I have reason to celebrate, and not just because its my birthday today. My first novel, Tainted Love has been nominated as a finalist for Best Contemporary Fiction in Orangeberry Book Tour’s Hall of Fame, by members of the Quality Reads UK Book Club. I’m thrilled to pieces with […]

I’m fascinated by the evolution of stories during the writing process

I love the evolution of a story.  Sometimes, for me,  it begins with a voice. Others, it’s just a spark on an idea. As I listen and invest my time into the idea, it grows. It becomes a world with places, people, and events. It develops a past, a present, and a future. Its inhabitants […]

Deleted Scene: Tainted Love

His big angry eyes glare at me as the front door slams. The windows rattle. Oh god! What had I done this time? The urge to run away pools deep in my belly. I didn’t believe it. For the first time in years, we were alone. My not so little anymore brother is sleeping at […]

Additional Scene: Tainted Love-The Fortune Teller

A hand wraps around my wrist. My heart rate soars as he prevents me from getting away. No, don’t do this now. We’re in the middle of the crowd milling around the carnival on Main Street. I tug my hand away but he refuses to let me go. He pulls. I turn and tumble into […]

An interview with C.A. Wood

Tell us a bit about your family. I live with my boyfriend of 13 years our cat. I’m the second to youngest of seven, four sisters, two brothers and I’ve lost count of the number of nieces and nephews I have. Just when I think there won’t be any more someone surprises me with that announcement. […]