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Hello there! I’m C-A and welcome to my digital home here on the web.

Here you’ll find all you need to know about the psychological thriller books I write as Erin Cawood, and the contemporary romances written as Kiara Cawood. You’ll find sneak peaks, deleted scenes, and all the gossip behind the stories inside my blog. And to find out a little more about me, head on over to the about me section where I talk about everything from books, inspiration, holidays, food, my 9-5, and life with chronic migraine. 

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Deserving Darcy

Sneak Peek Inside: Deserving Darcy

Thursday, 2nd October 2002, 5:30 PM Lushan National Park, Jiangxi Province, China   The ground shook beneath Keon’s feet as another aftershock rattled the base

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Erin Cawood & Kiara Cawood are the pen names for fiction written by Carrie-Anne Wood.

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